Meeting Room

Reviewed and Approved by the Library Board February 2021

The library’s meeting room is available for public use free of charge for classes, meetings, and events of educational, cultural, and civic purposes.  The following conditions apply:

  1. Library programs, related activities, and elections will be given priority should conflicts occur. No outside groups may schedule the meeting room during the 6 weeks of Summer Reading events and classes.
  2. Requests for use should be made to the office of the librarian during regular library hours.
  3. A group may not reserve the room for more than 2 days in any month. 
  4. All activities in the meeting room will have no admission fees charged or special donations collected.  Exceptions will be made for Friends of the Library and other fundraising for the benefit of the library.  For-profit entities may reserve the room for a fee of $25.00 per day.
  5. A refundable $200.00 security deposit will be required of all groups if a key is issued.  Deposit will be waived for Library Programs, Friends of the Library events and elections. The deposit will be refunded upon inspection of the room and return of the key.  The entire deposit will be forfeited if damage has occurred, if key is not returned in the book drop immediately after use, or if rules are violated.  Any exempted group who causes damage to City property or does not return a key as instructed, will be required to pay a deposit before using the room again.  The room will be left clean.  Take trash to dumpster outside.
  6. The librarian reserves the right to refuse access to any group who leaves the room in unacceptable condition or if the key is not returned as directed.
  7. No firearms, alcohol, drugs, gambling or pets allowed.  Exceptions are made for service animals.
  8. No showers or birthday parties.
  9. I have read this agreement and understand the terms.


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